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Every company registered in Estonia must submit an annual report to the Commercial Register within six months after the end of the financial year. This requirement applies to all companies registered in Estonia, even if the company has had no activity during the financial year.

The deadline for submitting the annual report is within six months after the end of the company's financial year, typically by June 30 in most cases.

If your financial year does not coincide with the calendar year (January 01 to December 31), the deadline for submitting the annual report depends on the end of your financial year.

The mandatory components of the annual report include the management report on the company's activities, the balance sheet, the profit and loss statement of the company, and the statement of changes in the company's equity.

How is the annual report submitted?

You send us a bank statement in PDF format to our email address
We provide you with a pricing proposal
Preparing the annual report, we may ask clarifying questions if needed
We enter the annual report into the Commercial Register and sign it

The entire process takes from 7 to 30 calendar days.

Why can't you postpone the submission of the annual report until the last moment?
  • The annual report is an important tool that helps you assess past achievements and plan future steps for your enterprise.
  • Timely preparation and submission of the report will help avoid rush and unnecessary stress, as well as save your time.
  • Adhering to deadlines helps avoid penalties and other negative consequences, ensuring the financial stability of your business.
  • Timely submission of the report demonstrates your responsibility and professionalism to external stakeholders, such as investors, creditors, and clients.
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